How to Grow Rice in a Bucket

How to Grow Rice in a Bucket

Bayonettacontest – More the world of agriculture today can also see how to plant Jajar Legowo rice, planting rice does not have to be done in large areas like paddy fields because there are other ways to cultivate the rice. rice.

There are many planting media that can be used, starting with planting media such as plastic bags, flower pots, even to keep costs down you can use used buckets or barrels.

While rice is typically grown in paddy fields, you can also hear How to Choose Top Quality Cocoa Beans, rice can grow well if planted in a variety of other settings as well.

For those of you who want to cut costs and practice growing rice, you must try growing cubed rice.

How to grow rice in a bucket

Besides being more convenient and economical, see also How to Choose Shallots, the advantage of planting cubed rice is that the water evaporates in the middle is not as fast as if you planted rice in it. poly bags and for maintenance and harvesting is very easy as well as for pest and disease control.

And here are practical steps on how to grow cubed rice.

Rice seed nursery

The first step in planting cubic rice is to get rice seeds from rice seeds by seed. Planting rice is very easy, you just need to prepare the substrate for seedlings first.

The sowing process is carried out in a large seedling tray and spreads the rice seeds in the sowing medium. Take care to keep the soil moisture in the seedling medium every day.

Treatment of rice sowing supports on embers

The next most important step in how to plant rice in a bucket is to prepare the planting medium as follows:

  • The first step, of course, is to prepare a medium-sized bucket and a few farm tools like a shovel.
  • Remember to prepare planting substrates in the form of loosely textured, slightly clayey potting soil, measure the pH of the soil and make sure the pH is between 6 and 8
  • If the pH is too acidic, mix agricultural lime in the form of dolmite into the soil, then mix different types of fertilizers such as manure and urea in a ratio of 2: 2
  • Once the soil and fertilizer are well mixed, put the soil in the bucket first and leave some for the space above as a place for the rice to grow later.
  • After that, enter the water at a height of about 3 cm from the surface of the soil, and then leave it for about 1 week, so that it is ready for planting rice seeds.

Planting rice seeds on embers

Once the medium is ready to plant, see also Fast-Fruiting Grafted Plants, the next step is to move the seeds from the sowing medium to the planting medium. Make sure the seeds are ready for planting with the characteristics of being around 5cm to 7cm tall.

Separate the rice seeds from the planting medium, then plant the seeds in the planting medium by simply plugging them in. For rice seedlings, there should be a distance of about 0.5cm to 1cm for each seed.

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